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Another column by Ann, another typical lib reaction

Libs whine and moan (an unfortunate common characteristic trait) accusing conservatives of attacking the messenger, and yet don’t have an issue with doing the same thing themselves. When conservatives object to the content of a television or radio program we are advised that there is a channel changer and told to just turn the station or the tv/radio off. Libs however, can’t follow their own advice. I like Ann Coulter and enjoy listening and reading her commentaries. I don’t like Al Frankenstein and the other Moore-ons on AirHead America who can’t MoveOn and thus don’t listen to them. I have yet to understand the hatred for Coulter that libs exhibit, even to the point of attempting physical harm to her. If they don’t like her, why then do they watch her on FNC and other media outlets? Why do they read her columns? Why do they read her books? Anytime a thread is started about Coulter the thread quickly descends down the same path. Rather than deal with the subject at hand, in this case the accuracy of the media’s prophecies on the elections in Iraq, the subject takes a clear noticeable shift to bring up almost every quote they can find. Libs around LTS stand on their soapbox they liberated from the commune and lecture others about staying on topic and yet can’t do it themselves. What exactly does her take on the elections in Iraq have to do with her comment about Tim McVeigh and the NY Slimes? Nothing, but that doesn’t stop the liberal myopia from conjuring up conservative spectres who are behind every corner apparently to perpetuate the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy. As a founding member of the VRWC I’m delighted that they underestimate us as they have for the last few years. The more they continue to do so, the more they keep losing elections, which they do quite well. No wonder they are unhinged, they lost two elections in four months. Libs are fun to laugh at because they can’t help themselves. When distinguished legislators such as Ted “The Swimmer” Kennedy repeatedly refer to the President as “Georges” Bush, and Barack Obama as “Osama bin … Osama … Obama” they help us more than they know. They describe Coulter as a caricature and yet are blind to such characters as Michael Moore-on and Kennedy who is probably delighted that Jack Daniels and Crown Royal are going to be sponsors on the #07 Chevy and #97 Ford in NASCAR Nextel Cup. :) Libs should just go Cheney themselves and MoveOn, if they can. They haven’t been able too since the 2000 election, and I doubt they ever will.

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