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Laughing at the whining from the left

When an image was posted from the FBI that noted “Left-Wing Terrorists” my favorite lib ran through a box of Kleenex about how “the use of the term ‘Left Wing Terrorists’ seems inappropriate”.

Without upseting the left’s fragile sensibilities (too much granola?) I would remind them about the Weathermen and other notable leftist terrorist organizations from the peaceful 60s. The Weathermen believed that “the overthrow of the government was entirely possible, and that all white Americans who weren’t revolutionaries were somehow complicit in the violence of the Vietnam War–and therefore deserved to be killed.”

That sure sounds quite similar to the radical leftists who cheered an idiot, Barry Seltzer, who attempted to run down Rep. Katherine Harris and her supporters with a car on 26 October 1994. They described Seltzer as a “hero”, hoping that “he had a big maniacal smile on his face”, wishing him “better luck next time” and wanting to “BAIL the guy out”. Other comments were equally as appalling: “He should have floored it. And he shouldn’t have swerved.” and “He can’t get off with comm. service. Running her down is comm. service” [1][2]

It also is interesting that to the left it is only choice when it comes to abortion. Where is the choice in Social Security? Where is the choice in school funding? Hmmmmm?

Nuthin’ but crickets.

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