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Liberal IQ Test

1) Have you ever told a waitress that your sushi was undercooked?

2) Do you think that Al Gore invented the internet?

3) Would you let your pre-teenage boy spend the night with Michael Jackson?

4) Have you ever made a contribution to PETA?

5) Do you think that Richard Simmons is straight?

6) Are you more concerned about saving a convicted murderer than an unborn child?

7) Would you support an abortion of an unborn baby while protesting animal abortion?

8) Do you think that Chris Matthews has good communication skills and respects women?

9) Have you ever nodded during a speech by Jesse Jackson?

10) If your roommate stole your bong would you call the police?

Bonus question:
Have you ever watched a beautiful sunset and thought “hmm, science has clearly established that we all evolved from primordial soup.”

Adapted from Dr. Mike Adams

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