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The Raving, Bush-Bashing, America-Hating, Loser Left

“Well, it’s been a depressing year for liberals so far, what with the steadily shrinking unemployment rate (down to 5.2%), the Dow at a three and a half year high (10,700 plus), the greatest number of private home starts ever, twenty consecutive months of manufacturing growth, another healthy increase in the gross domestic product (best economic numbers in 5 years), low inflation, low taxes, the appointments of the first hispanic Attorney General and the first black female Secretary of State in U.S. history, the rapid decline in popularity of the “mainstream” media, and the phenomenally successful elections in Iraq.

Indeed, things could not be more dreadful for hate-America leftists, who increasingly refer to themselves as “progressives”, due to the fact that the word liberal has become about as popular in this country as a fart in an elevator. As things become better and better for average Americans, the antics of radical lefties everywhere become even more absurd, and profoundly disturbing to witness.”

More of the article at Radiofree West Hartford from 15 February 2005

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