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Same Playbook, Different democRATS

When a friend of mine wisely noted that “the Dems have no original agenda”, he best reply that the seasoned citizen from Mississippi could muster was to reply with one of my favorite smilies.

While she might be laughing at Old Yeller I think you are absolutely correct. All we kept hearing from Monsieur Kerry during the campaign last year was that he had a plan for this and a plan for that. Isn’t it interesting that we haven’t heard squat. All we hear from the senator from Massachusetts, Kerry that is, not the Oldsmobile wielding drunk, is the sound of crickets apart from his latest flip-flop over signing Form 180. Did we really expect anything different from them? When the new chair of the DNC says “I hate the Republicans and everything they stand for,” he is making it too easy. I would bet there are campaign ads already in development with that as a soundbite.

Newt Gingrich was right when he said that “If [Democrats] have a true death wish, he’d be the perfect guy to go with.” Gingrich isn’t alone in his beliefs. Tennessee State senator Tommy Kilby (D – Wartburg) said that “It is my greatest fear that should [Dean] be elected, many Democratic elected officials will abandon the party. We, as a party, must get back to mainstream America. We must open our party and allow people who are pro-life, pro-gun and pro-traditional marriage to have an active role. Howard Dean as chairman will be disastrous.”

Last fall during the campaign we ran polls locally here among registered dems and asked those who were planning to vote for Lurch as to why. The vast majority (nearly 90%) of them answered because they didn’t like the President. When all you have is an ABB (Anybody But Bush) platform, or one currently of obstruction, how do you expect to win over anyone in the red states? In his first week, Hairy Reed was whining like a stuck pig over the fact that the RNC sent out a press release over his past record.

The libs need to write a new playbook because the one they have is ancient – rumored to be carved onto stone tablets buried in an Oldsmobile in Massachusetts. There hasn’t been one thing new in it for nearly thirty years. Their strategy is for people to vote against Republicans, rather than vote for the dims. The same things they are saying about the President are the same things said about George H.W. Bush and for Ronaldus Magnus. They are stuck in a cyclical pattern and are stumped as to how to correct it. Regis would suggest they use a lifeline, but that of course is against the rules.

Last Sunday on Meet the Depressed, Senator Chuck Grassley (R – Iowa) and Rep. Charlie Rangel (D – New York) were on the panel. Russert played a clip from Rangel from 1 December 1999 where he said, “I am one Democrat that truly believes that Democrats will not benefit by doing nothing on Social Security.” Russert then asked, “If you oppose the president’s plan, what is your plan? What would you do?” Did Rangel answer the question about an in depth solution to solve the problem, of course not he diverted the issue to ask what the President’s plan was. Grassley’s reply was absolutely right when he said “What Democrats like to do is wait until the last minute.” He’s absolutely right. Why take care of something now when you can wait, say thirty years or so when the cost is much much higher.

As long as the leftist wactivists continue their present course and don’t MoveOn from their “We hate Bush” mantra and actually put forth some new ideas, they are doomed to continue their record of losing elections. I say, stay the course.

As long as Old Yeller represents “the Democratic wing of the Democratic Party” the GOP is all but assured victory.

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