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Clinton & Boxer push voting holiday, allowing ex-cons to vote

I’m still looking for the text of the bill they have proposed but have been unable to find it as of yet.

First, I don’t agree at all with a “voting holiday”. Too many people are lazy as it is now – full of excuses not to vote, this would only validate their laziness. The option to file an absentee vote is a simple option that I suppose Shrillery didn’t think of.

Second, I wouldn’t mind the requirement for “paper receipts for votes”. This would leave the conspiracy theorists without an arrow in their quiver.

Third, more money isn’t needed. There has been enough money already authorized. If the states spent it on projects other than what it was intended for, then they need to find the monies elsewhere in the budget.

Fourth, ex-felons should not have the opportunity to vote at all. They should have considered the ramifications of thier actions before commiting their respective crimes.

Fifth, the reason behind the timeline for the 2006 election is clear, but not a problem in my opinion.

Lastly, if any type of legislation like this is passed, there must be a requirement to include military absentee ballots which the dims have a habit of trying to exclude.

Boston Globe

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