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The Obituary Of John F’n Kerry

Here lies John F’n Kerry,
protected the ferries,
not precious babies.

T’was taken down by swifties in ol’ Oh-four.
T’was slapped down by Zell,
like a cheap Boston whore.

What killed Kerry the most,
was the jaw bone of an ass.
How could one man be so pompous and crass,
Wanting to lead, yet having no class?

T’was in ol’Green Bay Kerry had to yield,
After announcing that Lambeau was really Lambert Field.

The reek from Wisconsin wasn’t the cheese,
T’was the smell of a phony, who was outed that day.

Now rest in peace, and leave us alone.
John Kerry has found a brand new home.
For history will determine a special place,
reserved for big losers who entered the race.

Although Kerry desired much, much more.
You can find him today,
next to…Mondale, Dukakis and Gore.

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