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In the just when you thought you had heard it all department, now the left is making the argument that homosexuality is the same as being left-handed.

“Anyone who thinks homosexuality is a choice should remember that until the last few decades, left-handedness was also considered a choice of stubborn children. Many adults who were “trained out” of left-handedness still have reading difficulties or have difficulty following directions when traveling.”

Next, the cliche of conservatives having a problem with race is tiresome and boring. The informed reader who opined with the following quote must have forgotten the racist comment from the newly crowned chairman of the democRAT national committee, Howard Dean who said, “You think the RNC could get thus many people of color into a single room? Maybe if they get the hotel staff in there.” What was the reaction from the left? None, what else did you expect? As Brian S. Wise says, it’s “good to know there’s still room in the Democratic party for racial stereotypes.”

“When did liberal become a bad word? If the civil-rights initiative came up for a vote today, with our ultraconservative-dominated government, would it pass or would we go back to the good ol’ boys club of 50 years ago?”

The selective memory of the left is astounding. How quickly they forget recent history. To describe the “invasion of Iraq” as “illegal” is absurd considering the multitude of resolutions passed by the powerhouse of freedom known as the UN. Hussein was under a number of requirements by those resolutions as well as by the cease-fire agreement in 1991 following the first Gulf War. They don’t stop there, but claim that it had “less justification than Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Kuwait”. What?!? There was no legal framework at all for the invasion of Kuwait in August of 1990. None. Compare that with again, the UN resolutions passed to evict Hussein from Kuwait and the subsequent Operation Desert Storm. Hussein wanted the Rumaila oil fields, and the Al-Sabahs royal family basically told him to take a hike, and then on 2 August he invaded. But hey, none of that matters ‘eh? Why let facts get in the way of a good leftist rant. Then this dolt makes the ridiculous claim that the alleged torture at Guantanamo Bay and Abu Ghraib is somehow on the same par with the torture that Hussein and his family committed for decades. I’d love to know how many people at either location had their hands or feet cut off. Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? Next, this clown places three things in a sentence that don’t go together: “mainline press”, “guts” and “Mike Peters”. Lastly, they describe the war in Iraq as “immoral”. What then would allowing the mass graves to be filled, and rape rooms to be occupied? I guess according to the left, that would be moral. Then again, look at who their hero is – talk about the golden calf of morality. Which reminds me, where did he put that blue dress in the museum?

“The invasion of Iraq was not only illegal, but had less justification than Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Kuwait. The torture authorized by the Bush administration at Guantanamo Bay and Abu Ghraib is no less repulsive than Saddam’s torture of dissidents. If the mainline press had the integrity and guts of Mike Peters to tell the truth, this country might not be trapped in this immoral quagmire.”

Franklin Daily News

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