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Fifty-One Things You Can Do To Annoy The Politically Correct

1) At your next house party, serve a big pot of Endangered Species Stew.
2) Give out candy cigarettes on Halloween.
3) Give out REAL cigarettes on Halloween.
4) Keep a framed photo of John Ashcroft on your desk at work.
5) Complain that the poor don’t pay their fair share of the tax burden.
6) Call a homeless person a “bum.”
7) Wear Nike gym shoes.
8) Drive a gas-guzzling SUV (preferably a Hummer)….
9) ….with a “Pave the Rainforests” bumper sticker….
10) ……..and a Jesus Fish on the trunk.
11) Advocate a nuclear first strike against Canada.
12) As justification, offer the fact that Canada has Socialized Medicine.
13) Consume Conspicuously.
14) Tell this joke: “John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, and Al Sharpton are in a life raft, but there are only enough provisions for one person. Who gets saved?” Answer: “The country”
15) Cross a picket line.
16) Express wonderment that Ann Coulter has never been nominated for a Nobel Prize.
17) Throw a party to celebrate the execution of a notorious murderer.
18) When they flip the switch, lead the crowd in a chorus of: “na-na-na-na, hey-hey, good-bye”
19) Give The Passion of the Christ DVD to friends on their birthdays.
20) Wear a Washington Redskins jersey….
21) ….accessorized by your Cleveland Indians baseball cap….
22) ……..to a NASCAR race.
23) Drain a wetland.
24) Harm animals in the making of your movie.
25) Harm left-wing actors in the making of your movie.
26) Buy a gun….
27) ….as a present for your 10 year old…
28) ……..to celebrate his Junior NRA Membership.
29) Wear a Confederate Flag pin on your lapel.
30) Start a petition drive to add Ronald Reagan’s visage to Mount Rushmore
31) Smoke a big, smelly cigar….
32) ….in the no smoking section….
33) ……..on the day of The Great American Smokeout.
34) Wear fur.
35) Eat meat – especially veal.
36) Say that while you believe it should be matter of personal choice, you are “personally opposed” to vegetarianism.
37) Walk around your office sipping from an “I Love Halliburton” coffee mug.
38) Refer to an adult woman as a “girl.”
39) Brag about how much money you saved due to the Bush tax cuts.
40) Then say that you contributed your savings to the Tom Delay Campaign.
41) Drink Coors beer.
42) Recommend deportation to Cuba as a solution to The Homeless Problem.
43) Say you were just kidding. Then recommend work camps instead.
44) Hunt….
45) ….for doves.
46) Watch Fox News.
47) When Janet Reno’s name is mentioned say: “Janet is sure a funny name for a guy.”
48) Attend George W. Bush’s second inauguration.
49) Tape it and distribute copies widely.
50) Recount the story of your trip over and over. And when you’re done….
51) Weep tears of joy!

From Revealed Truth

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