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You might be a CINO

We’ve all heard of RINOS: Republicans In Name Only. Arlen Spector, Olympia Snowe, the execrable Lincoln Chaffee. Members of that species. But the more I listen to alleged “conservatives,” whatever their party affiliation, I think it’s much more important to be on the lookout for CINO’s: Conservatives In Name Only. I’m coming across them more and more on the net and especially on talk radio – and they’re annoying as can be. They start a lot of their sentences with “I consider myself a conservative but…” For the most part they haven’t a clue as to what modern conservatism really is and aren’t conservative at all; but they like the attention they get by calling themselves “conservative” and advocating distinctly unconservative positions.

With that in mind, here is a list of Fifteen Signs You (or someone you’re talking politics with) Might Be A CINO. They’re presented in no particular order. Take the test and score yourself. I’ve even come up with a rating system, which follows the test.

15 Signs You Might Be A CINO
1) You think we need a “comprehensive energy plan,” but oppose nuclear power, expanded oil drilling, and expanded coal production. That is; your comprehensive plan consists of tilting at windmills and wearing sweaters in the dark.

2) You believe we need more “Campaign Finance Reform” to fix the problems created by the last several rounds of campaign finance reform.

3) You believe that global warming is a clear and present danger and that environmentalists, even when they are clearly mistaken, have pure motives.

4) You have ever fretted over “fully funding” Head Start.

5) You believe there is such a thing as “homophobia,” and that it is something against which we need to be constantly vigilant.

6) You are “pro-choice,” except for when it comes to schools, guns, Social Security, commerce, or just about anything else except abortion.

7) You think the National Education Association is a harmless teachers union.

8) You admire John McCain for any reason other than his military service.

9) You loathe Ann Coulter.

10) You honestly fear the “religious right.”

11) You have ever uttered the phrase “tax cuts for the rich” in any context other than to deride leftist economic illiteracy.

12) You are scandalized by the notion of eliminating either the Department of Education or the Department of Energy.

13) You believe that “reaching out to Democrats” is a strategy that is either advisable or likely to bear fruit for the Republican Party.

14) You unquestioningly accept the notion that Islam is a Religion of Peace.

15) You have faith in the United Nations. Even a drop.

0 – Right-Thinking, Right-Wing, Right-Blooded American

1 or 2 – With proper reeducation, you can achieve full membership in the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy

3 through 5 – Borderline CINO. Treatment: Avoid all contact with CNN. Ingest large doses of Fox News. Read an Ann Coulter book. Test again after completion of treatment regimen.

6 through 14 – You are a full-blown CINO. Turn in your VRWC membership card (IF you ever had one!), stop calling yourself a conservative, and join the Democratic Underground where you can be with your own kind.

15 – You are John McCain.

From Revealed Truth

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