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Rant against a Queen Moonbat

Sometime ago I posted a news article at LTS about the Medal of Honor being awarded posthumously to the widow of SFC Paul R. Smith. this wasn’t posted for debate but rather to inform. sure enough that didn’t stop a barking moonbat from “South Jersey” who started with all kinds of off the wall questions that sounded as if they were directly from the Land Whale: “Why do we need an organization to beg for money for the children of fallen soldiers? Why isn’t the government who sent them in harms way taking care of their families? Don’t you think we should?” At first I was unclear about what the moonbat in question was referring to, but then understood she was referring to my sig file which included a link to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation asking that people contribute.

I took the high road and asked that she take any comments like that to a private message, or create a new thread to debate the issue as the topic of that thread was about the MoH for SFC Smith. I noted that her feeble attempt to derail the thread was pathetic. As a moonbat, it didn’t surprise me that she is a hypocrite in that she was the one lecturing a conservative about staying on topic previously. Did that stop the Moore-on from South Jersey? Of course not! She didn’t understand the notion of a sig file and thought that the link to SOWF was part of the post and asked the same asinine questions again and went further by asking if after a MoH is awarded to “that hero’s children” if it is right to “beg for money to support” them. I then “educated” her “on the portions of a message board”, even though she had been on there for over a year! Even though after being educated on this, she still persisted asking the same questions, again making a point to suggest that SOWF is begging for money.

I kindly advised her that: first, SOWF doesn’t “beg” for donations, and I’ve never known them to. Second, the SOWF doesn’t apply to the family of SFC Smith. If she would have looked at the SOWF website she would have seen that their benefits “are provided to all surviving children whose parent died as a result of an operational mission or training accident while assigned to a US Special Operations Command unit” which are listed. SFC Smith was assigned to the 11th Engineer Battalion with the 3rd Infantry Division (Mechanized). Unless there was been a recent reorganization at Bragg, his battalion wasn’t part of the SOF community. Third, as a liberal I understand her compulsion for government to be the answer to everything. The great Ronaldus Magnus said, “Government is not the solution to our problem. Government is the problem.” I asked her if she contends that it’s the government’s role to fulfill the role that groups like SOWF take, then to find in the Constitution where it calls for it. I asked what is the Constitutional basis for funding such an endeavor. I didn’t hear anything in response, until a few days later when Der Queen Moonbat sent me a private message, which was what I asked for initially and she said nyet to.

I again educated her and explained that she is obviously ignorant to the many groups that are available to take care of the families of wounded soldiers. The families of warriors who were killed don’t wait on the mailman to arrive so that they can get their check from the government. Groups like SOWF take care of the college education for the children; while other groups take care of additional needs that they might have. It is not the purpose of government to financially take care of someone from womb to the tomb which is what the democRATs want and try to have accomplished at every turn. I told her that if she believes that to be the purpose of government then she should find for where it calls for it in the US Constitution. It doesn’t take anyone long in the Army to learn that you can only depend on your fellow soldier for help. All you have and can rely on are each other. You never know when a senator will vote against funding the military he supposedly supports.

What frustrated me was why somone who chooses to have a link to the SOWF in their sig file upset a lib as much as it did? I understand libs are very finicky when the word choice is bandied about. They see choice as the power to kill a baby, but not to govern ones own retirement. I asked her why is it wrong that people would want to donate money out of the goodness of their heart to assist these kids assisted by SOWF?

I went on to ask if it really upsets her that people donate money to assist SOWF when she and her liberal comrades could have sucked up that money in taxes to give to NPR or PBS? I asked her to list these phantom private organizations who are supposedly “begging” for money. I finally asked if she is really that bored that she has to nitpick over what someone has in their sig file. Do you think I received an answer? No, she’s a coward just like 99% of all the libs out there.

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