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Forced religion

A moonbat wrote recently, “Us LEFTIES are not necessarily opposed to religion, we are just tired of having someone continually force a religion down our throat that is not our own!!” My reply was to as a very simple question, “Who is forcing religion down your throat? I’ve heard this refrain from the left for decades but have yet to hear of one credible example.”

The response was typical: Prohibition, the supposed ban on stem cell research, the Spanish Inquisition and the Salem Witch Trials. I reminded them that I used the term “forcing” – present tense. There are no credible examples of how religion is being forced (currently that is) down anyone’s throat. Are you being taken at gunpoint by armed troops from the Sharpton militia and carted off to hear Reverend Al preach? Is Shrillery banging on your door to demand that you turn to face Chappaqua and pray to the Philanderer? If so, I recommend that you contact your local ACLU office to begin the flood of lawsuits. I was amazed that a certain uber-liberal said that “I agree that religion is not being forced down anyone’s throat, and I pray that it will always be that way.”

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