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Playground insults banned in Britain

In Britain, the National Union of Teachers, or NUTs has put together a list of words to be banned from the playground. They believe that the use of these words lead boys to feel superior to girls and “make domestic violence seem more acceptable”. The article notes that “Boys should be challenged if they are heard directing such terms at girls. It is considered equally unacceptable for girls to aim such insults at one another.” What was astonishing in the article was the comment that “such language is common in secondary schools and even among older children at primaries.” Yet another feather in the cap for public education! You know you are a laughing stock when your organization can legitimately be described as a bunch of NUTs.


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  1. March 10, 2005 at 2:39 PM

    The whole artilce linked reeks of liberal sickness pervasive in the schools system. A “radical” move is to teach kids the dangers of chlamydia which is reaching epidemic proportions according to the story. If they are going to teach kids about all manner of sex, what is the reticence to let them know about STDs? Now I know where the liberal left is picking up their agenda.

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