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Q: Are you ex-military?
A: Hooah. Next question.

Q: What is a “blog”?
A: A blog is a contraction of the words “big log”. I now shall smack you for asking a stupid question after your edukashun in a government school.

Q: Are you a racist or bigot?
A: No, but remember that a bigot is a conservative winning an argument with a liberal.

Q: Can I send an email saying I hate your guts?
A: Sure, and leave your address too. I have a surprise for you.

Q: Do you hate hippies and anti-war protestors?
A: Absolutely. Kill ’em all and let God sort them out. Other than that I would shave them bald, give them a GI shower, and ship them off to be minesweepers in the Korean DMZ. Sound good?

Q: Why do democRATs make you angry?
A: Because they are so full of Baba Streisand.

Q: I’m a liberal but I still enjoy your site – is there something wrong with me?
A: No, you’re just going through recovery. Embrace the power that Emperor Rove has given to us, and join the VRWC.

Q: What do you think of Ted Kennedy?
A: I try not to think of that bloviated, Oldsmobile-wielding drunken, arrogant murderer but when I do, he is lovingly referred to as The Swimmer.

Q: How many liberals does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
A: Who cares, keep them in the dark.

Q: Should I donate money to help support your blog?
A: By all means – but I don’t take bribes. :p

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