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Not only are celebrities are pleading for the life of Terri Schiavo, but I agree with Thomas Sowell when he describes the actions of these judges as “cruel and unusual”. Cal Thomas makes an excellent point in his column when he dismissed the absurd “states rights” argument that the RATs attempt to make.

Dr. Donald R. May writes that Sarah Scantlin who also had disabilities similar to Terri’s recently awoke and started talking after twenty years. The treatment of Michael Schiavo against his wife including alleged injections of insulin that worsened her condition has nullified his marital contract. the courts should declare their marriage null and void and allow her parents to rightfully assist her as they have requested for years and years.

If I were to refuse to feed my dogs I would be in jail, but Michael Schiavo wants to halt the feeding of his wife and the wactivists out there cheer and applaud his actions. I’ve said for years that the democRATs are the party of death, and this illustrates this point clearly. I was happily surprised how forty-seven of the RATs voted on Monday; maybe some of them are coming around, but I’m afraid they are clearly in the minority.

Where is the outrage from the disability community? The answer is obvious. Locally here at ACIL it wasn’t a secret that there were Clinton/Gore posters and campaign supplies available all over the place. They were even more than happy to assist you in registering to vote, and Janet Stiegler would be delighted to ensure that you marked the checkbox to identify yourself as a RAT. Is there any news on their website about this? No, that would mean that their sysadmin and executive director actually knew what they were doing. For crying out loud, Cochran hasn’t updated it since 18 September 2002. I guess they’re too busy wasting taxpayers money by trying hard to get themselves arrested in Columbus. How about with the ADAPT folks who were more than happy to get in your face and let you know they were on the forefront of fighting for disability rights? No, nothing there as well. Not even a press release. Is this surprising? Not at all. They are so committed to the moonbat philosophy espoused by The Swimmer that they can’t see the forest for the trees. If you want to find any news about this from the disability community you have to search quite hard for it: [1][2][3]. </rant>

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