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Illegal Immigration: Myths and Half-truths

Myth #1 — Illegal aliens pay taxes that benefit our economy
Not true. Most illegals are paid in cash and therefore pay no taxes. Even in instances where they do pay taxes (only possible if they use a fraudulent social security number or tax ID) they don’t pay enough to cover their expenses. A visit to any L.A. County maternity ward will give you ample proof of this. There thousands of women each year have babies free of charge (and many return to have more). Additionally, the vast majority learn who to use the system to acquire food stamps and financial assistance.

Myth #2 — Illegals come to the U.S. for jobs to support their families back in their homeland.
This is partly true. However record numbers of those illegally crossing the borders are women and children! What’ s more, there are also record numbers of dead-beat dads who simply abandon their families.

Myth #3 — Illegals don’t affect politics because they can’t vote
Not true. The fact that they are counted in the census gives them political power. Since representatives in Congress are fixed, it creates a situation in state’s that have a heavy influence of illegals. Those “illegals” will likely be represented. As such, it takes away representation from people in other states–people who are here legally.

Myth #4 — Illegals do the work that Americans won’t do
Not true. Americans will do the work provided they are paid a reasonable wage. But profit-greedy employers and corporations are increasingly favoring cheap labor. Their profits soar, but at the expense of American taxpayers who have to subsidize the labor costs by supplying the illegal workforce (and their families) with welfare, education, medical, housing assistance. Employers of these people simply turn a deaf ear.

Myth #5 — Illegal Immigration doesn’t really affect me
Not true. As we have reported in the past, in non-border states like Connecticut, North Carolina, Georgia and New Jersey, illegal immigration is rampant. That means in each of these states, benefits allocated to citizens are being taxed and stressed by illegal infiltration. If the problem becomes severe enough (as in California and Arizona) those services dry up. In both LA, and Tucson, AZ hospitals have been forced to close due to the incredible strain of illegals.


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