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Clinton bashing

The left enjoy pointing out how Conservatives enjoy bashing Der Philanderer and claim that it hurts us. Well, let’s put that theory to the test. I’ve been “bashing” Clinton for quite some time now along with many other conservatives and look what has happened since we have done so:

  • Republicans took control of the US House in 1994 and have held onto it ever since after Democrats had owned that body for decades previously.
  • Republicans took control of the U.S. Senate and have maintained control almost non-stop except for when Jumpin’ Jim Jeffords switched parties only to have the voters put the GOP back in control in the next mid-term election.
  • Because of all the scandals, Der Philanderer was forced to move to the middle even more than he had planned and sign things like welfare reform, three-strikes-you’re-out, Megan’s Law, etc., which are definitely not liberal acts. Many liberal initiatives fell flat on their faces – like The Hildabeast’s big-government health-care project.
  • Der Philanderer’s hand-picked VP Algore lost the 2000 presidential election.
  • democRAT John sKerry lost the 2004 presidential election.
  • democRATs have pretty much had to write off the entire South. Der Philanderer’s various scandals have to be at least partially to blame for that.
  • Republicans have taken over more and more state governorships and state legislatures.

Hmmmmm, it seems bashing Der Philanderer for his corrupt behavior seems to have paid off quite well for Republicans over the years. Why not keep it up with The Hildabeast?

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