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Another victory for puhblik edukashun

From the Dayton Daily News: “An elementary school teacher accused of inappropriate contact with students has been indicted on 15 counts of gross sexual imposition. A Franklin County grand jury issued the indictment Friday against Gary Stroup, 40, a teacher at Winterset Elementary School. He is accused of inappropriate contact with seven boys and two girls at both Winterset and his former school, Hudson Elementary. Stroup was arrested Saturday and was being held in a Franklin County jail. Stroup, a finalist for the statewide Teacher of the Year honor in 2004, has been suspended from Columbus schools with pay since April 18. Stroup’s case has caused the Columbus Board of Education to take steps to fire former Winterset Principal Dora Kunz, who was accused of not telling authorities about the suspected touching.”

From WCMH (NBC-4 Coluimbus, Ohio): “According to Superintendent Dr. Gene Harris, three years ago a student told Winterset’s principal at the time, Dora Kunz, that Stroup touched his privates. The district said Kunz conducted her own investigation and did not call police.”

When is the next election where they will ask for more money to be wasted at government schools? They investigated their own, and imagine…they didn’t take any action. Who’d have expected that outcome?

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