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Are these people your children’s teachers?

The NEA or National Teachers Association, better known as the National Extortion Association just finished its annual meeting in LA. Rather than discuss topics you would expect them too like “falling test scores, higher dropout rates, and functional illiteracy of graduates – despite ever increasing taxpayer commitments”, they engaged in adopting over twenty-five resolutions such as pushing “for a commemorative stamp honoring public education”. Honoring puhblik edukashun? But why not? An increase in tax dollars spent year after year with no return at all on the investment, abysmal test scores, and “teachers” who refuse to themselves be tested. If that isn’t a reason to honor them, I’m not sure what is. Let us not forget as well that it is not now, nor has it ever been “public education”. A better description would be government indoctrination, union brainwashing, pretzel logic, encouragement of perversion, schooling in emotionalism, prep school for dependence on government, and revision of historical facts just to name a few.

World Net Daily

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