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What could have been…

Imagine if you will that the Mob friends of the RATs had not assisted in the election of Kennedy in 1960, and Nixon was president instead. American history for the last 45 years would be quite different. What if during the Bay of Pigs invasion we kept our word and it proceeded as planned with air support and then succeeded in ousting Castro. That alone would be a pivotal point in Central America. With Cuba (or Cuber as the Swimmer calls it) not a Communist satellite, there would have been no Cuban-sponsored insurgency in El Salvador, Nicaragua, Guatemala, or Grenada to name a few. Think of the thousands upon thousands of lives that would have been saved. Now look across the shore to Africa where Cuban-sponsored wars in Angola and Mozambique left tens of thousands dead. This is just what would have happened with Cuba.

Imagine if Nixon took the same course of action that Kennedy was planning to when he was assassinated. Kennedy was going to pull out our advisors and as he said “In the final analysis, it is their war. They are the ones who have to win it or lose it.” This would have prevented the loss of thousands of Americans. However if he didn’t, imagine if you will if he allowed the military to do their job and carry out the war as they requested. How many lives would have been saved and the war ended sooner?

Now imagine if Nixon would have served two terms. This would have led to the election in 1968. This is when he was elected as it was. Who would have run on the GOP ticket instead? Nixon was a strong anti-Communist unlike many on the left who wanted to appease them and be their friend, similarly to the left today. Someone even more anti-Communist was Goldwater. Remember how the Soviets were scared to death when Reagan made a joke during a voice test for a paid political radio address where he said he had “signed legislation that will outlaw Russia forever. We begin bombing in five minutes.” Imagine how they would have been with Goldwater in charge. If Goldwater would have served two terms, that would have led to the 1976 election when Reagan first ran. He was later elected in 1980, but what if he was elected in 1976, and was able to have two terms as well.

He would have been in office during the Iran hostage crisis, if it were to have happened. Imagine how that would have been handled differently if it were to have occurred with Ronaldus Magnus at the helm. Carter took an active role in the planning wanting to ensure each branch of the military was represented rather than allow the best men to do the job in their proper role rather than as a social experiment. There wouldn’t have been a spineless creature like Warren Christopher who served as the Deputy Attorney General in the Johnson administration and Secretary of State in Der Philanderer’s administration. While the Deputy Secretary of State in the Peanut administration he asked one of the most absurd questions I’ve ever heard. When describing the plans for the Iranian rescue mission in 1980 COL Charlie Beckwith explained that his operators would take out the hostage guards. Christopher was confused and asked what Beckwith meant by “take them out”. Beckwith explained that his operators would fire two round into the head of each terrorist. Christopher then asked, “Couldn’t you just shoot them in the shoulder or something?”

Imagine as well the 42 million babies that were murdered by the left over the last thirty years were all around us today. The socialists cry over the innocents killed in Iraq and yet take delight in their right to murder millions upon millions innocents here in the US.

It is interesting to take a step back and imagine what might have been but unfortunately the policies and ideology of the left have caused more misery and damage than can easily be counted by numbers alone.

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