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MoveOn: We need a Karl Rove Slogan

I received an email from them the other day were they were soliciting ideas for a slogan for the Karl Rove “scandal”. A few I’ve found that were suggested by fellow FReepers were:

  • Even we aren’t tolerant of Karl Rove
  • Fire Karl Rove … because we’re good enough, we’re smart enough, and gosh darn it, we’re tired of being out of power.
  • George Bush, Karl Rove, Halliburton – The Trilateral Commission
  • If Karl Rove remains in power, we’ll just have to MoveOn.
  • It’s Bush’s er Rove’s fault
  • Karl Rove – A case study in using half-truths, misinformation, sound bites, and catchy slogans to create a scandal
  • Karl Rove – He’s just way smarter than we are
  • Karl Rove – He’s still laughing at us
  • Karl Rove – If we weren’t outraged about something, we wouldn’t be liberals
  • Karl Rove – The Liberal Slayer.
  • Karl Rove – Kicking our butts since 1994
  • Karl Rove – The best scandal we can create with your donations
  • Karl Rove – We can’t seem to do anything about him, either
  • Karl Rove – We hate him, we’ll think of a reason later
  • Karl Rove – We just hate him
  • Karl Rove – We just know he’s guilty of something!
  • Karl Rove is evil. This message brought to you by the party of Ted “The Swimmer” Kennedy and Robert KKK “Sheets” Byrd
  • Karl starts with a K, just like the Klan….
  • MoveOn: We’re all Plamed out
  • Oops, we just fornicated ourselves
  • People Of Amerika – Rove Is The Wrong Karl
  • Roveaquiddick
  • RoveOn.org
  • Rove-Rage
  • Rove, Rove, Rove your boats
  • Rove where you want to. Rove around the world
  • Sore/Loserman 2008 – refreshed and ready to go again
  • Thank you sir, may I have another?!?
  • They came, they Roved, they conquered
  • We reject your reality and insert our own
  • With a name like Karl, how can he be against us?

…and my favorite: Just Rove It

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