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Ben and Jerry’s new ice cream flavor in honor of Al-Sheehani

With the news that Al-Shehani sometimes known as The Birkenstock Buffoon is being funded by True Majority, a group set up by Ben Cohen (of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream) a number of ideas surfaced for a new flavor in her honor:

  • Moonbat Surprise (It’s banana ice cream with assorted fruits and nuts along with chunks of real moonpie.)
  • Yummie DUmmie Gummie
  • Shakey Flakey
  • Pinko commie crunch
  • Sheehan Sherbert (Cold and totally tasteless)
  • Nutty Mama
  • Cinnamon Surrender
  • Jihad Ripple
  • Treason Topper
  • Iraqaphobia
  • Turdstock (Chocolate and Ex-Lax)
  • Nutty Fruitcake
  • Fruity Tootie
  • Candy apple coward
  • Media Whore S’more
  • Caramel Cashew Crapweasel Parfait – known by its acronym (CCCP)
  • Sour Grape
  • French Surrender
  • Cut ‘n Run Swirl
  • Shifty Lefty
  • Crawford Crap (Chocolate ice cream with gummie dummie worms, chunks of dirt and chunks of tofu)
  • Ditch weed drip
  • Windy Cindy
  • Guano Delight
  • Hoggen Das Cameras
  • Crazy Crunch on a Schtick
  • Ditch Witch Delite
  • Al Qaida Comfort
  • Traitor Toffee Surprise
  • Sheehanigan Sorbet
  • Dishonor Surprise
  • Dum Rum
  • Cashew Actress
  • Sweet Sedition
  • Grieving Distortion
  • Traitors Treat
  • Cindy’s Crying Crap-tacular (Chocolate chips, Little sprinkles, Marshmellows, lemon sours, Nuts, Fruits – All mixed in a bright red rasberry)
  • Grave Basher’s Banana (Made with lots of bananas, soured mother’s milk and borrowed sugar)

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