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One question for Chuck Schumer

Time and time again from the left we hear the tired description of a “right-wing extremist”, but have yet to hear of an explanation of what this supposedly is. Herbert E. Meyer, however, notes that a “left-wing extremist” is an individual who believes: that the thing growing inside a woman’s body isn’t human, and can be disposed of at any time before birth; that our Judeo-Christian heritage is an abomination, that religion ought to be removed from the public square, and that our country should become a secular society; that the State, rather than parents, should have the primary responsibility for raising children; and that private enterprise should be tolerated, because it generates the wealth for politicians to redistribute, but that entrepreneurs are evil. In addition, a “left-wing extremist” is a politician who: professes to love our country, but who shows more concern for the rights of terrorists than for the survival of the Americans they’re trying to kill; shows up at every memorial service for the victims of 9-11, but whose speeches and votes make clear that he or she really believes the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon were legitimate responses to US policy, and that in effect we “had it coming.”; and uses the phrase “I support our troops” as a code-word for “I hope we lose the war in Iraq so the Bush Administration will be a failure.”

American Thinker

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