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School Levies: Did You Know…?

An email from the Buckeye Institute:

Did you know that at $33,461, starting janitors in Columbus City Schools make 35 percent more than the median janitor salary in Columbus?

Did you know that the average salary for an administrator in Columbus City Schools is $91,706?

Did you know that teachers in Columbus City Schools accumulate three weeks worth of sick day leave per year-days that can be rolled over year-to-year without limit, resulting in large lump sum payments at retirement?

Did you know that some Columbus schools were given extra pots of money based upon their academic performance scores that in some cases were artificially inflated due to a data rigging scandal?

Before taxpayers in Columbus vote on Tuesday on the 9.01 mill levy that will raise homeowners’ property tax bill by over $300 per $100,000 in valuation, these are some of the facts they might want to consider. The Buckeye Institute has an entire series of blogs that offers these insights and more.

Of course, Columbus is not the only school district with a levy on the ballot next Tuesday. To help taxpayers make sense of these levies, The Buckeye Institute offers multiple resources including:

Our updated teacher salary database with the latest information available from the Ohio Department of Education;

A quick guide describing where to go to get district spending data and other information for comparisons.

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