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Common Core – Part I

I’ve said many times over the years that parents knowingly sending their children to government schools is child abuse, and reading more and more about Common Core reinforces this opinion. Common Core (CC) is a new curriculum that has teachers indoctrinators up in arms as well as administrative staff and school board members. It goes out of it’s way to further insert leftist politics into the classroom. Critics stated repeatedly that those putting the curriculum together would overtly insert “partisan political statements masquerading as English lessons” into classrooms.

It was refreshing to see Kelly Kohls, president of the Springboro (Ohio) school board as well as a member of the Warren County Career Center board, voice her opposition to CC. Despite the efforts of the left to introduce CC as a minor reform, there is no evidence it will improve educational results. Then comes one of the best cases ever made against CC. Ethan Young, a student at Farragut High School in Knox County, Tennessee, spoke to the school board earlier this month. Young, a senior, gave a short but thought provoking address on the problems with Common Core standards.

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