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The End of Ohio’s Estate Tax – One year ago

One man, with the help of several several volunteers, was able to kill Ohio’s Estate Tax through House Bill 153. Ron Alban is one of the most fearless men I’ve ever known. He took it upon himself to be the face of the effort to eliminate the death tax. He spoke at Tea Party meetings and never faltered in his belief that they would accomplish the goal. He is the embodiment of a patriot.

The Estate Tax here in Ohio had been in place since 1893. When Alban would speak to local governments they were many times incorrigible. They would whine and complain that he would dare to eliminate this form of revenue for their city. Even 914 years ago it was a known fact how the death tax was an oppressive and burdensome tax. These local governments could have learned a thing or two if they knew their history better. Several major groups here in Ohio such as the Ohio Farm Bureau, the Ohio Cattlemen’s Association, the Ohio Corn and Wheat Growers knew that this tax was the hardest on farmers. When a farmer would pass away it was almost impossible to carry on because of this tax.

For those wondering how it was as evil as some have said, keep this in mind – plank three of the Communist Manifesto was the abolition of all rights of inheritance.

American Legislator
National Review

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