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Fixing government schools

Since I started my blog, I have written about our nation’s military, local events and stories, and homeschooling. The latter making up most of what I had written. The public education system in this country is broken and need of a fix years and years ago.

A friend of mine was able to graduate high school with severe reading skills. His parents worked with him, but the government school said he met their metrics for his age group, and heard this same refrain his entire time in government schools. The National Education Association and the American Federation of Teachers have “opposed government vouchers because they would undermine parental and taxpayer support for the public schools, over which the unions have considerable control.” It’s funny that the HSLDA agrees with the NEA and AFT.

What I would propose is that the money for educating children would be attached to the student themselves. This way government schools would have to do well as to help the parent where to send their child best to educate them. It would also provide parents who decide to homeschool to have the money that would be going to their local government school. No more would homeschoolers have to pay sometimes thousands of dollars per year to properly educate their child.

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