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Kettering’s superintendent Jim Schoenlein resigns

Kettering School’s Superintendent Jim Schoenlein resigned Monday morning.

School board members voted to accept his resignation at the conclusion of a two hour disciplinary hearing held by the Board of Education. The hearing was a result of what board members perceived as a “problematic relationship” with treasurer Steve Clark. The two have been on paid administrative leave since May 6.

The board had accused Dr. Schoenlein of “placing the district at legal and financial risk,” but there were only kind words expressed following the vote. “His knowledge of curriculum has been outstanding, he has been supportive of teachers through ongoing professional development, and he has supported student activities throughout the district in an unparalleled manner,” said George Bayless, Kettering Board of Education President.

Parents were reluctant to talk, but students with whom 2 NEWS spoke seemed to feel Dr. Schoenlein would be missed. Schoenlein’s contract runs for another year, but he will be paid only through August, 2014. His base salary is $130,000. Schoenlein has served as superintendent for the last five years after retiring and being rehired. He nor his attorney would comment after the board adjourned.

The school board is expected to further discuss Clark’s future with the district Friday. Even with Dr. Schoenlein out of the picture, Bayless said people should not conclude that Clark will necessarily be able to stay on as treasurer.


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