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Homeschoolers contend with Common Core

Families who homeschool face an uphill road in many ways. Teaching children at home requires dedication, research and money. In fact, it’s often a more expensive alternative than sending kids to public school, not least because one parent usually foregoes paid work. More subtly, homeschoolers all too often become pariahs for bucking the system. Yet as homeschooling continues growing in popularity, there is another major roadblock ahead.

Estimates are that some 1.8 million students in the U.S. are homeschooled, or about 3.5% of all K-12 students. And the movement is growing – at least for now. Common Core threatens the movement in ways not yet seen.

While homeschoolers are not yet forced to adopt Common Core standards, they will be at a distinct disadvantage when taking college entrance exams. That’s because public schools increasingly “teach to the test,” and tests like the SAT and ACT are being influenced by Common Core standards.

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