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Celebrating Martin Luther King Jr.

Once again young skulls full of mush are indoctrinated with the multitudes of myths surrounding Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Government schools honor someone who ignored his marriage vows by repeatedly cheating on his wife thus making Bill Clinton’s infidelity pale in comparison. I guess Reverend King was absent in seminary when they discussed adultery.

Government schools honor someone who was a plagerist who took major portions of others work as his own for his doctoral thesis at Boston University.

Government schools honor someone who was a socialist, rejected capitalism, and was repeatedly in the company of known Communists. Could this be one major reason why liberals love him so much today? What is it that he said about the content of ones character? If he actually wrote that, that is. Don’t forget as well that he also favored the communist North Vietnamese over our allies in Saigon.

Government schools honor someone who was honored by the butchers at Planned Parenthood on 5 May 1966 for lending his voice to “the cause of world-wide voluntary family planning”.

Finally, government schools honor someone who described the United States as “the greatest purveyor of violence in the world” conveniently ignoring the former Soviet Union.

As I’ve written before, “Ari Kaufman has suggested Equality Day, which might be a better idea. Then again, we could go back to having Washington’s Birthday and Lincoln’s Birthday rather than the generic President’s Day.”

Have a Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

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