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Abortion numbers continue to fall in Ohio

The number of abortions in Ohio dropped to 21,186 last year, the lowest number since Ohio began tracking abortions in 1976, according to the 2014 Ohio Abortion Report released Wednesday.

The number of abortions was generally flat from 1993 to 2001 but has been steadily falling since then, except for a slight uptick in 2012, according to the report published by the Ohio Department of Health.

In 2014, 84.4 percent of abortions were performed at 12 or fewer weeks gestation; 51.7 percent of the women seeking abortions were white while 42.2 percent were black; 85 percent of the women were single; and 71.3 percent were under age 30.

A majority of the aborted pregnancies resulted from unprotected sex: 12,855 reported using no contraception, 3,207 did not report what type was used and 5,124 reported using contraceptive methods that failed.

Ohio Right to Life heralded the steady drop in abortions as a sign that “pro-life initiatives are working” in the state.

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Dayton Daily News

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