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I am a former soldier – currently in the IT field and involved in local/state/national politics while watching my Army from behind the lines in the Buckeye State.

Fair and not-for-profit use of said material by others is encouraged, as long as acknowledgment and credit is given, to include the URL of the original source post. All communications are assumed to be the original work of any who initiate the communication and the property of DarthDilbert, with free use granted thereto for publication in electronic or written form. The opinions and views expressed here, even where approved for display, do not necessarily reflect the opinions of this website, the management, any entity or organization, my employer, my family, my dogs, the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy (VRWC), or anyone else.

Return of the Conservatives is intended to be a work-friendly spam-free website. Comments not compliant with this policy will be edited for content where necessary. Abusive or otherwise illegal comments will be reported to the proper authorities, up to and including the aforementioned VRWC for possible banishment to Club Gitmo. The Management is not responsible for commenters making a Clymer of themselves.


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